Electron Microscopy - Contact

Facility Leader

Dr. Thomas Kurth

Dr. Thomas Kurth

Electron Microscopy and Histology


Susanne Kretschmar - Technician

Susanne Kretschmar - Technician

Electron Microscopy, Special expertise in TEM sample preparation (resin embedding, sectioning and staining, Tokuyasu cryosectioning, immunolabeling)

Susanne Weiche - Dipl. Biologist

Susanne Weiche - Dipl. Biologist

Histology and Electron Microscopy, Special expertise in cryo, resin, and vibratome sectioning, histological stainings, immunostainings, TEM

Former members and students

Nicole Osang (TA EM)

Susan Speer (Master Thesis Biology)

Anja Pfannkuchen (Master Thesis Biology)

Kristin Zschieschank (Bachelor Thesis Mol. Biotechn.)

Eyke Schöniger (Bachelor Thesis Mol. Biotechn.)

Saskia Reichelt (Bachelor Thesis Mol. Biotechn.)

Gunar Fabig (Bachelor Thesis Mol. Biotechn.)

Robert Ramm (Bachelor Thesis Mol. Biotechn.)