Histology - Equipment

The facilitiy is equipped with state-of-the art instrumentation, like infiltration and embedding automats, motorized rotational microtomes, cryostats, a declaocking device for antigen retrieval.

A selection of our instruments: infiltration unit, embedding station, cryostat, rotational microtome

Sample preparation

  • Infiltration automat for paraffin samples (Microm STP 420 D)
  • Paraffin embedding station (Slee MPS1)
  • Antigen retrieval device (DC Module from Biocare Medical) for demasking antigens prior to immunolabeling


  • 3x Cryostats (2x Microm HM560, 1x Microm NX70) for low temperature sectioning
  • 3x rotational microtomes (Microm 340E, Microm 355S, Leica RM2255) for sectioning paraffin or resin embedded samples at room temperature
  • Vibratome (Leica VT 1200)