Histology - Services

The labs of the Histology Facility are located in the BIOTEC and offer comprehensive services for embedding, sectioning and staining of a wide variety of biological specimens for histological analysis. In addition, the facility offers special services like antigen retrieval, immunolabeling of cryostat and paraffin sections, and resin embedding of samples. It also offers access to sample preparation technology, such as infiltration and embedding devices as well as microtomes for room temperature and cryo-sectioning. The facility is part of the BioDIP network.

  • Embedding of tissue samples into paraffin using the STP 420 D dehydration infiltration unit (Microm) and the embedding station MPS1 (Slee)
  • Embedding of tissue samples into methacrylate resin (Technovit 7100)
  • Sectioning of paraffin or resin embedded or of frozen samples
  • Vibratome sectioning
  • Histological staining of sections: e.g. hematoxylin-eosin (H.E.), Giemsa, Toluidine-blue/Borax, Masson-Goldnerm Weigert van Gieson, silver staining for the detection of nerve cell processes
  • Immunohistochemistry of sections: single or multiple labeling using fluorescence or enzyme-based (e.g. HRP-DAB) detection systems
  • Whole mount immunolabeling for subsequent resin embedding and serial sectioning
  • Training and general support

Examples of histological stainings: Intestine (paraffin, H.E.), zebrafish larvae (resin, toluidine blue), immunolabeling (paraffin), immunofluorescence (resin)