Molecular Imaging and Manipulation - Services

Welcome to the Molecular Imaging and Manipulation Facility!

The Molecular Imaging and Manipulation Facility (MIM) provides state-of-the-art microscopy applications combined with profound knowledge of image and data analysis to identify and characterize structure-function-relationships on a molecular level.

Services offered by the MIM

We are still in the process of establishing our range of services and devices. If you have specific requests please contact us. Currently, we offer

  • User training and technical support for our devices

  • Image analysis

  • Customization of commercial and home-built setups

  • Measurement service

We are part of the Biopolis Dresden Imaging Platform

The BioDIP is a network of Imaging Core Facilities at the Biopolis Campus in Dresden Johannstadt. We collaborate with each other to optimally support our users and facilityte their research by sharing our expertise. Find out more at

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