Stem Cell Engineering - Facility hiPSC lines

Facility hiPSC lines

The facility generated hiPSC lines from consented healthy donors that can be used by scientists of TU Dresden as wildtype control lines or as parental lines for Genome Engineering projects:


  • hPSCreg name: CRTD1 - CRTDi004-A
  • donor sex: male
  • donor tissue: skin fibroblasts
  • reprogrammed in collaboration with the laboratory of Prof. Dr. Min Ae Lee-Kirsch
  • characterization: Pluripotency Flow Cytometry, 96 Gene qRT-PCR Array, 3 Germ Layer Differentiation, Karyotyping, Mycoplasma Test, STR
  • culture conditions: hESC-qualified Matrigel®, mTeSR1™, ReLeSR™ clump passaging
  • also available as single cell passaging (TrypLE Express, 10 µM Rock inhibitor) adapted line: CRTD1-sc