Stem Cell Engineering - Mycoplasma Test

Mycoplasma Test

Human or primate iPSCs are cultured for at least 1 week after thawing in medium without antibiotics. Culture supernatant is collected from a subconfluent culture after 3 days without medium change and analyzed by qPCR for the presence of Mycoplasma species at Eurofins. Positive and negative controls are included.

The major contaminating source for Mycoplasma are infected cell lines cultured in parallel or before a clean line in the same laminar flow hood. Therefore, the facility recommends to test every line in culture at least every 2 months.

Cell lines submitted to the facility for assays or projects should have been tested Mycoplasma negative by the customer lab within the last 2 months. Untested cell lines will be kept in quarantine until testing by the facility is completed and negative. Please note that Mycoplasma positive lines will not be processed by us as the risk of spreading the infection to other lines is too high.