Molecular Analysis/Mass Spectrometry - Services

Welcome to the Molecular Analysis / Mass Spectrometry Facility!

The facility Molecular Analysis / Mass Spectrometry offers services in the field of biological mass spectrometry with a focus on protein and peptide analysis as well as quantitative proteomics. We offer mass spectrometry services as well as the usage of a number of scientific equipment.

The facility is in its start-up phase and we are expanding the range of available applications and services.

Please get in touch with us prior to preparing samples for mass spectrometric analysis.

Services comprise:

  • protein identification (e.g. in-gel digest)
  • intact protein mass determination
  • quality control for recombinant proteins
  • identification of protein post-translational modifications (qualitative)

For Quantitative Proteomic Analysis of

  • co-immunoprecipitation experiments
  • post-translational modifications
  • organelles, cells and tissues or secretomes

please get in touch with us.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for specific applications not listed below.